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Take one of my polls!

Take one of my polls! Who's the REAL "Brat Prince"?or What is your favorite scene from Queen of the Damned?
Who's the REAL "Brat Prince"?(below)

Who is the REAL

Or: Take my other poll! What's your favorite scene from Queen of the Damned?(below)

What was your favorite scene in Queen of the Damned?

Stuart Townsend as Lestat
A modern-day Rock Star Vampire. Stuart as Lestat lives it up in his gauche houses, and trendy threads. The girls love him, but they have no idea that he's not just a Rock Star with a gimmick, but he really is what he says he is:Deadly and in charge! Truly "The Brat Prince"!
Tom Cruise as Lestat
Tom as Lestat is a 1700 hundred-ish Vampire. He is more sophistocated in the skill of killing. He doesn't doubt the fact that he truly is a killer. He wants Louis to accept it as well, but Louis denies his being. Lestat (IWTV)is more snobby and Brat-ish. A true aristocratic snob! So who really is the "Brat Prince"?
This shirt is cool
I might order this shirt. I am definitly going to get the other two (on the pictures page)! I found them on a fellow Queen of the Damned site.

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